The battle of body language

The US Presidential debate was always going to be a battle of two different styles.  Trump, the ad-lib billionaire Republican against Clinton, the Democratic former secretary of state. Indeed, the FiveThirtyEight blog's political team, a "Bart Simpson versus Lisa Simpson" scenario.

While body language is important in any speech or presentation.  It seems to be exponentially so in the US presidential debates.  Even today, the media refers to the 2000 debate when Gore slumped and sighed during one of Gerge W. Bush’s responses.

On Monday, Clinton was clearly determined to win the body-language battle.

It was fascinating to watch the debate on split-screen.  Clinton remained poised and smiled constantly.  She noticeably lifted her lifting her chin at a high angle. She never got agitated or grimaced. It was a very disciplined performance. And when Trump fumbled his way through an answer about Obama’s birth certificate she even gave a little shimmy to show how much she was going to enjoy her rebuttal. 

By contrast, Trump struggled to remain still during Clinton’s answers and was reduced to constantly interruptions during her answers.