Individual coaching is for people who are dedicated to making a big difference to their presentation skills and their careers.  If you ever want to inspire, lead or persuade your colleagues and staff you will need to master your presentation and communication skills.

I work closely with executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, senior professionals and TV Presenters with you on identifying your most effective presentation style and delivery.  Whatever your goal, I will equip you with the skills you need to create and deliver presentations with impact.

I offer individual coaching sessions if your have an upcoming presentation you need help with. In the past I have helped:   

  • senior executives preparing for a conference presentations
  • entrepreneurs preparing for a pitch or tender
  • individuals who have been asked to deliver a keynote speech

I also offer a two 6 week programs designed to dramatically transform your skills: the Good to Great program and the Beginners program. 



The Good to Great program is designed for managers and executives who are may already be experienced presenters but want to take their skills to the next level.  

When you complete this program you will not only be able to create engaging and persuasive presentations.  You will also be able to deliver them with passion

The Good to Great program teaches you:

  • How to adapt your content to match your natural speaking style
  • How to incorporate story-telling techniques to any presentation 
  • How to deal with Q & A sessions
  • How to use the stage effectively 
  • How to craft messages engage and persuade any audience  



If you have spent your career avoiding all forms of public speaking, then you have to try this course.  

The focus of this course is on educating you on how to manage your nerves and start speaking with confidence.  I know from experience that just about everyone can overcome their fear of public speaking to the extent that they usually start to enjoy it!

The Beginners program teaches you:  

  • how to prepare for a stressful presentations
  • how to manage nerves to your advantage
  • how to feel comfortable on stage
  • how to manage your voice and body to disguise nervousness
  • how to create content to match your natural style.